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Fusion/CT is an optional, add-on feature to QGS,QPS and QPET.

Fusion of 3D coronary artery tree with perfusion or viability data

Fusion/CT utilizes the 3D coronary artery tree representation provided by the vendor's CT Angiography (CTA) software. Fusion/CT provides a fused display of the coronary tree and the 3D LV surfaces with mapped perfusion or viability information. Graphics acceleration is used for a highly interactive performance. Coronary trees are colored and/or labeled using the information obtained from the CTA software.

Fusion Page

Fusion/CT allows a fused review of original SPECT/PET, CT, and CTA transverse slices in three orthogonal planes. Interactive 3D alignment correction of SPECT/PET, CT and CTA is possible. All standard image fusion features are provided, such as interactive alpha blending, roving-window, and synchronized orthogonal reformatting. CT window/level presets are read from the DICOM header or can be predefined. This page allows users to perform quality control of (SPECT/PET)/(CT/CTA) alignment for verification of attenuation correction. LV contours can also be displayed in the fusion mode.

FUSION/CT Publications